Peep This: T-Pain’s Full NPR Concert

Ain’t nothing to the ‘Pain, we can change the last name, wha’s happenin’? In my formative college years, T-Pain was responsible for stereo blasting battles between my dorm neighbors, the founding of an affectionate nickname gifted from my basketball team that would eventually become my Instagram handle (Tabios-Pain!) and the only reason Wiscansin was suddenly […]

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The Top 20 Summer BBQ Hip Hop Anthems

Okay, so you’ve got your grilling game right.  And yeah you’ve got a cooler full of cold drank.  And of course, you have all the homies coming through.  Cypher complete right?  Not quite, player.  Because what’s a summer bbq without the proper music to serve as the official soundtrack to it?  Now since we at […]

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