2013’s Best: Nova’s Top Albums

I’m really sorry that I’ve neglected you this year, hip-hop.  New waves of UK dance pop, PBR’n’B, and the budding chill-trap movement have distracted me from my deep roots with you.  Songs by French Montana and 2 Chainz were shrug-while-fist-twisting worthy when I was at the club, but it made me cringe when I realized […]

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Jam On It: Ta-ku – “Dowhatyoulove”

Pick your nose.  Sing at the top of your lungs.  Pretend your steering wheel is an 808 pad.  There are lots of things we do when we drive alone.  Mine just happens to be freestyling.  A lot of it is nonsense, but hey, that’s why I do it alone.  The only thing that is subjected […]

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