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Lolo Zouaï Lights Up The Roxy

 Last Friday, Lolo Zouaï stopped by the Roxy Theater as part of her ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ Tour.

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Editor’s Note: Life, Cacophony and Hiatus Kaiyote

When I first heard of the New Zealand neo-funk/soul/r&b/everything-sonically-pleasing-under-the-sun-quartet, Hiatus Kaiyote, it was through their 2013 hit, “Nakamarra” featuring the legendary Abstract Emcee, Q-Tip. The experience of being introduced to that track and subsequently the band’s full body of work felt like a reprisal of self for me. It was eye-opening, really, what with their […]

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RECAP: The Rap Up With Gilbere Forte

The Rap Up held a show at The Roxy featuring artist Gilbere Forte. Now signed to Epic Records, the Philadelphia native has been creating a buzz around town with his new mixtape “Pray.” With Alexander Spit being the opening act, it set the mood for the rest of the night. The true Forte fans with the “Pray” […]

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Live @ The Roxy: Blu x Tiron + Ayomari

Purple is my favorite color, but Blu is one of my favorite spitters.  Thus, I jumped on the chance to see him along with the duo of TiRon and Ayomari at The Roxy last Sunday. Yes, on a Sunday night. Talk about giving a middle finger to the work week.  

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