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Even Ophidiophobes Can’t Not Like These Supreme x Timberland Boots

One look at these fundamentally dope Supreme x Timberland 6″ boots and I knew that they were an immediate hit.  I mean, besides the obvious insta-stunt of the infamous Supreme red tag, you get a subtle reptilian skin print on the uppers!  Rock these and stay fly, proving that not even Sam L. can’t stop […]

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Hip Hop & Timbs: 5 Videos Celebrating The Classic Boot

Timberland, hip hop’s quintessential boot company of choice, turns 40 this year and what better way to highlight the inseparable duo than through live and in-motion visuals?  If you didn’t notice, we kinda like to do things in fives here at *ahem* The 5th.  So naturally, we’ve come up with our five favorite hip hop […]

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