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Editor’s Note: Stankonia Turns 15

October marks the 15 year anniversary of OutKast’s charismatic, genre-juggling, mind-bending, cosmic funk escapade – Stankonia. And you would think that I, a fan of OutKast since they were just two dope boys in a Cadillac crumblin’ herb, would have known this off the top of my head. Nope. The thought of this milestone for the album […]

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The Friday Five

So earlier this week, as I was listening to Iamsu’s “Hipster Girls” one of the lyrics caught my attention – “Shop at Urban Outfitters, all your other clothes is straight vintage.  Tie flannels around your waist.  Wear boots and beanies in the winter.”  Now the reason that this line grabbed my attention was, 1. I […]

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The 5th Element Magazine presents: Volume 2, Issue 1

Our long-awaited 5th issue is now at hand. Inside we have Flip Major, Mick Boogie, Kai Aspire, B-boy Natural, and IMKING. Kick back and enjoy, and don’t forget to spread the word. Be sure to use our signature hashtags #rockinwiththe5th and #ourcommonthread on all your shares. The 5th Element Magazine. Volume 2, Issue 1. Click […]

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