Mos Def & Preservation: The REcstatic

Mos Def & Preservation: The REcstatic

There are a few Hip-Hop dudes I’ve been seriously waiting for a proper LP from for quite awhile: Deltron, Madvillain, and of course, Black Star. Event II is supposed to come out later this year, Madvillainy 2’s release is still up in the air, and I haven’t heard much on the end of Black Star Aretha, but what I have heard is this promising new remix material from the dynamic Yasiin Bey and his tour DJ and in-house producer, Preservation.

The REcstatic is a remix album of The Ecstatic. The 16-track deep album was re-worked by Preservation and released by Mon Dieu Music, and is definitely worth a listen for fans of early Mos Def and Black Star. It’s been four years since Bey released The Ecstatic so let this free download whet your appetite for good music until he releases a new full-length.
Sash’s picks: “Auditorium,” “Life in Marvelous Times,” “Black Fantastic”


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