Rare Form and Okayplayer Present: Donuts Are Forever 8


As the turbulent New York winter weather ebbs and flows, the big city’s Hip-Hop community all gathered to one constant on February 16th– the annual Donuts Are Forever event, honoring the late great J Dilla.


Presented by Rare Form and Okayplayer, Donuts Are Forever is not only a celebration, but a fundraiser. All donations and proceeds from ticket sales benefit the Donuts are Forever Scholarship Fund, providing music education opportunities to participants of the Ground Work For Success youth programs in the Brooklyn area.


The tribute was held at the Brooklyn Bowl, a venue that made for a virtual playground for hip-hop fans. A safe haven from the winter cold, fans shed their heavy coats to reveal their own unique J Dilla t-shirts underneath.




Hosted by Torae, headlined by the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff and featuring Rare Form DJs Good Reverend Dr. J, DJ Prince, DJ Still Life, 6th Sense, and DJ Parler, the rich, audible legacy of J Dilla played throughout the night. Special guests were spotted at Donuts Are Forever as well as Young Guru, Jarobi of ATCQ, ?uestlove, and Talib Kweli were in the building.  However, the star that left the crowd in awe was none other than Ma Dukes, herself.


After a few warm words from the matriarch, DJ Jazzy Jeff took the stage, playing banger after banger from J Dilla’s extensive catalogue,  with some of the greatest crowd movers being the indelible joints “Raise It Up”, “Find A Way”, and “Get Dis Money”.


A beautiful ode to J Dilla, the 8th annual Donuts Are Forever was a great success and an amazing experience for everyone in attendance. We are looking forward to many more installments of this incredible event, and will continue to celebrate the memory and music of J Dilla, forever.


Staff Writer

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