Jam On It: ZHU x MIGOS – Bad & Boujee (Remix)

“She gon eat your heart out.
Make you fall in love and knockout.
Cuz she’s bad, she’s bad.”

Brace yourselves, it’s almost festival season. The #FestivalReady videos and posts will be everywhere, there’s no place to hide. Also seemingly everywhere these days is this Migos song. Every rap station on the radio has it on repeat every hour. We thought it would fade into some Turn-Up abyss by now. But then, like a second wind hitting you at a festival after dancing for 8 hours straight, ZHU went in and dropped this monster of a remix at the recent Air + Style event in L.A. “It’s lit fam!”…is what the group next to you is posting.

We’ll see ya at Coachella.

Staff Writer

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