Mixtape Monday: Radio Steez Episode # 1

Vibe on this.

STZZZY, aka “Steezyasfuck” from YouTube, is an L.A.-based promotional network that has established a growing fanbase online. They’ve made their way into creating a podcast/radio show/music mixtape and has recently just uploaded their first episode. To best describe the type of music genre you’ll be hearing, here’s a snippet from their bio: “Steezy’s aim is to showcase the unique core sound and artistic values from producers such as J-Dilla, Nujabes, Ta-Ku, MF Doom, Uyama Hiroto, and many more.” Listen to Episode 001 below which has a mixture of underground lo-fi hip-hop, future beats, and dope samples.

For the complete tracklist visit STZZZY’s SoundCloud page.

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