Mixtape Monday: CULTRAVIBE #118

2 part guest mix by DC Noises and MNKY.

A new installment to CULTRAVIBE‘s mix series was uploaded a few hours ago on SoundCloud and we’ve been playing it on repeat to keep us going through this Monday. This one is a 2-for-1 special, as the first part of the mix is done by DC Noises while the second part (at 46:14) is mixed by MNKY. Both talented DJs representing Antwerp, Belgium. The beats, sounds, and influences are definitely from all over the world. So don’t wait for a second longer, push play below and vibe out.

“We are closing out the month of March with another guest mix appearance, before taking a lil short break to prepare everything for the wonderful opening of brand new Spring/Summer season, which promises to deliver really nice sound listening experience + new updates on new projects/ideas.

Hope to share more single track releases and exclusive playlists for ya.
For this week’s episode we would like to present you a collaborational work between two music story tellers, who have curated something extra special just for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome @dcnoisesmusic & @mnkyinthewoods all the way from Belgium, who have arrived with a really mood uplifting and positive compilation of sounds, sharing a sweet load of tunes, mixing everything from RnB/Hip-Hop/Tropical gems to more classic bangers from late 90’s to early 2000’s.
Perhaps this will help you during these hard times and cheer you up a little bit…” – CULTRAVIBE

Staff Writer

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