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Threadworkshop Drops Their Enlightened Collection For Summer ’15

Threadworkshop Drops Their Enlightened Collection For Summer '15

Developing a reputation for offering high-end fashion looks at a fraction of the cost, Los Angeles-based Threadworkshop, sets out to elevate that reputation this summer with another strong collection aimed to swag you out even on the most instant ramen of budgets – without sacrificing quality, natch. Entitled the Enlightened Collection, this set of locally sourced and manufactured goods feature premium styles like biker denim and e-long tail tees with Cuban link chain details, for maximum stunting. Read through to check out all the pieces from Threadworkshop’s Enlightened Collection.

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FILA Continues its Summer of Fire Collabs with a New Collection Featuring Claw Money

FILA Continues its Summer of Fire Collabs with a New Collection Featuring Claw Money

FILA has obviously made it a point to keep their summer releases on par with the seasonal temps because every collaboration they’ve released so far has been en fuego. The consistency is evident with their latest collection that employs the visual stylings of none other than graffiti legend, Claw Money. Branding for FILA throughout the years has managed to transcend its tennis roots, eventually establishing itself as a mainstay in hip-hop culture. So it only makes sense that they linked up with a worthy ambassador for the hip-hop element of graffiti in Claw Money and presented to the public wildly flipped versions of the Cage and Overpass models. Click through to check out detailed looks of the FILA x Claw Money collection.

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Jam On It: Drake – “Back to Back” (Meek Mill Diss)

Drake has had a busy month of July: witnessing buddy Serena Williams’ victory at Wimbledon, launching OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music, premiering new music, deflecting rumors of ghostwriting and, least of it all, dropping diss tracks. Drizzy’s rap beef resume closely resembles my 15-year-old cousin’s job resume, but the whole Meek Mill-ghostwriting accusation fiasco — and at this point you know the story back to front — was enough to light a fire under the 6 God to drop not just one response, but two. “Charged Up” might have been the more lackluster track, but after Wheelchair Jimmy dropped “Back to Back” last night, the battle just might be over before it even really got started. Listen to the song above to witness classic Drizzy chest-thumping with shots like “is that a world tour or your girl’s tour/ I know you gotta be a thug for her/ this ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more,” and “trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers/ you gettin’ bodied by a singing n*gga.” Hit the jump to hear “Charged Up” and more of Drake’s releases from the month of July to satiate your wait for “Views From the 6.”

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Peep This: Kehlani – “The Way” feat. Chance the Rapper

Bae Area’s babygirl Kehlani drops the visuals for Chance the Rapper collabo, “My Way” and though its backdrop and concept are ever so simple, it is equally ever so sensual. (pronounced “sen-su-wahhl”) Lani Tsunami continues to ride the massive wave the mixtape has been rolling in for her since its drop a few months ago. The 20-year-old’s appeal doesn’t begin and end with her music or even with her sultry dance moves exemplified in the above video, but the overall honest and genuine persona at the centerfold of her gravitational pull is unquestionable. She kicks off the second leg off of her “You Should Be here” tour, heading back to LA at the beginning of August.

Just Another Monday with Annabelle Lee

Although it was a Wednesday, I drove out to See You Monday’s factory warehouse and got to interview the HBIC: Annabelle Lee. I pulled into the parking lot and walked right into the huge warehouse, greeted a worker and asked where I could find Annabelle, and was led upstairs to the office full of racks on racks on racks…of clothes. A few minutes later, Annabelle walked in, clad in a plaid button up (extremely similar to the one I was wearing), leggings, and metallic platform-y oxfords. We shook hands, we shared a few laughs, we walked into a room, we sat down, and we just had a casual conversation. Read more

Joyriding With olloclip

Joyriding With olloclip

We recently got our hands on the new Active Lens for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from olloclip and immediately knew how to put it to good use. Joyriding through the sunny shores along Pacific Coast Highway was our perfect idea of letting the Active Lens’ Ultra-Wide and Telephoto lenses do their premium duties. Besides taking some outstanding shots with the hardware, we even recorded a quick video clip using the Active Lens’ capabilities as well, which you can watch here. With olloclip being at the forefront of mobile photography products, trust that our quick coastal jaunt was documented perfectly. What’s more, olloclip is on the cusp of extending their lead in the mobile photography industry with plans to develop the olloclip Studio for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For more info on that project, peep and support its Kickstarter campaign here. To check out all the pics of the joyride, make sure to hit the jump.

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Peep This: Keith Ape ft. Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, Father & A$AP Ferg – IT G MA (Remix)

Peep This: Keith Ape ft. Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, Father & A$AP Ferg - IT G MA (Remix)

In the name of all things lit, Keith Ape and the UNDERWATER SQUAD present to you the premier of the video for the IT G MA remix. Joining the orca ninjas to lend their hand at building up the flame are a few rappers that know a thing or two about going hammer all over a track: Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, Father and A$AP Ferg. These aficionados of turnt really do take the original viral sensation, IT G MA, up a few levels with guest verses that further fan the massive flames that the track has already sparked. Now you’ve been forewarned, clicking through to peep the video will incite a scenario similar to opening the oven door to check on the temp.

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Five Hip-Hop Movies You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix

“Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap” Released in 2012. Directed by Ice-T

Do people still buy microwaveable popcorn? When it’s movie night and they ask you to pop in a bag do you rap that Lil Wayne lyric “You pop ’em cause we pop ’em like Orville Redenbacher?” Whatever you do to get ready for a Netflix binge, just make sure you already got a movie picked out. Nothing worse than eating all the snacks and someone still can’t decide on a movie. Surprisingly, Netflix got your hip-hop movie selections ready to go. Hit the jump to see our five selections to add to your “My List.” If you have a favorite and want to share to the world, feel free to share in the comments below.

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Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) was the prominent footwear brand featured in Craft Atlantic’s  S/S ’16 show during New York Men’s Fashion Week. The brand’s standout silhouette, the TechLoom Pro, paired up well with the high-end contemporary sportswear looks that Craft Atlantic offered in their latest campaign. Being included in such a high fashion setting as prestigious as NYFWM is a testament to the TechLoom Pro’s aesthetic relevance and fashion-forward stylings. Hit the jump to check out more looks from Craft Atlantic’s S/S ’16 showing, featuring APL’s TechLoom Pro.

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Hip-Hop Gets a Fresh Art Treatment From Geoff Kim



Part surrealism, part pop culture and part mixed media, the work of artist Geoff Kim is a hip-hop vision made in the digital age. Hailing from California and currently residing in New York, it’s easy to see a west coast beach culture influence running through these creations. The works balance both hip-hop icons with rich backgrounds, portraying them in an almost royal visage. We are definitely keeping an eye out for Geoff Kim and can’t wait to see what ideas he has yet to reveal. Peep the artwork below and check out his other work on his website.

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Anderson .Paak and Soulection Set to Take Over Upcoming FIGat7th Downtown Festival

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals

You don’t need no crystal ball emoji to tell you that your next two Friday nights are going to be lit. Downtown LA and Arts, Brookfield are showing you love with FREE live shows. The Soulection crew will be doing what they do best this Friday. Then next Friday, Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals take over the stage. Full details after the jump. Wait, did we mention it’s free?

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5 Choreo Dance Videos To Watch Right Now


One thing Los Angeles is known for is its extremely talented dance community. Their passion is unmatched, their success knows no boundaries, and they are always ready to give it 110%. It’s no wonder pop stars flock to studios in L.A. to scout dancers for their tours. Places like Millennium Dance Complex, International Dance Academy, Movement Lifestyle, and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio are just a few of the ever growing training facilities for up and coming dancers. Having dancers in The 5th community means we get to enjoy their creative work and share it to our readers. Here are 5 independent videos to get you inspired to take a dance class near you.

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