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Rocksmith Fall ’14 Explores the Great Outdoors


People really do love getting away from the grimey city smog and immersing themselves in fresh O2 and pine scents. I guess that’s cool if you’re into nature and stuff. Flashback to family trips when you were rocking the fleece jackets and cargo pants. It wasn’t easy trying to find clothes back then that were durable, comfortable and somewhat stylish. Good thing nowadays you can find pieces that can work both during a hike at Runyon Canyon or when simply enjoying a cup of java at Intelligentsia. The newest collection from Rocksmith takes inspiration from essential outdoor gear and mixes it with their modern streetwear aesthetic. Hit the jump below and check out all the looks, including a geometric camo pattern, mountain prints, joggers and color block button ups.

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Balance and the Traveling Sounds ft. DJ P-Trix x Rastaclat – All In

We at The 5th Element Magazine linked up with Balance and the Traveling Sounds’ EBo and Kirb along with DJ P-Trix to showcase the kind of flavor they like to kick while rockin’ their Rastaclat gear.  Together they went all in to rock the mic, keys and tables to show and prove.

Video by: Bo Lee and Ryan Domigpe
Special thanks to: Backside Records

Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better

Pro Flex Zones: So You Know Better
If there’s one thing we’ve learned this whole summer, it’s that the designated area around the Rae Sremmurd is one that allows for not one ounce of flex whatsoever.  And though we should know better about where approved flex zones are indicated, sometimes we all can get caught slippin’.  So for those of y’all that are itching to bicep curl your steez to its maximum, we’ve come up with a number of approved zones to stunt on ‘em.  Click through for your official clearance to flex.  Read more

Peep This: William Bell ft. Snoop Dogg – I Forgot To Be Your Lover

Just released, the visual for William Bell’s modern interpretation of his classic, “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”, featuring the one and only Snoop D-O-Double-G.  In the video we get to catch a behind the scenes look at the song being recorded in-studio as well as some dope footage of its live performance at this past SXSW.  The song is just one of 12 tracks featured on the Take Me To the River motion picture soundtrack.  If you’re diggin’ the vibes, make sure to pre-order the album before its release on September 9th HERE.

Rockin’ With The 5th: Evidence of the Dilated Peoples

Rockin' With The 5th: Evidence of the Dilated Peoples

In the eight years since the Dilated Peoples have released their last album, the sonic landscape of hip-hop has morphed into different iterations that more often than not seem indistinguishable from its traditional musical identity.  With their latest LP, Directors of Photography, the triple optics crew of Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu have managed to triumphantly hold tight to hip-hop’s genuine essence while still successfully displaying growth that reflects a career arc that’s gone nowhere else but up.  To get the scoop on their latest project, we recently sat down with Evidence and chopped it up with him regarding Directors of Photography. Read more

Editor’s Note: What’s Going On?

Editor's Note: What's Going On?

In the last four weeks, four unarmed black men have been killed by law enforcement across the country – Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York, NY, John Crawford in Dayton, OH and Ezell Ford in Los Angeles, CA. Though the issue of racially charged police brutality is sadly one that has reared its ugly head more often than not in our country’s history, it should never be of the sort to be collectively swept under a rug of ignorance or justification.  But as consistently sickening as statistics on this issue continue to be, we can equally count on the same level of vigilance the spirit of reform and movement others choose to show in opposition and in solidarity to stimulate change for these social injustices.  In this day and age, the power of technology and social media has allowed an ardent movement to shine a light on the glaring situation surrounding Brown’s murder in Ferguson and also those of the aforementioned.  Social activism has now taken on a new identity in the form of tweets, videos, snapshots, posts and blogs.  The information, the truth that is now so clear to a captive viral audience is available at fingertips’ length.  Yet, with all this progress in raising awareness, is it enough?  Are those on elevated social statuses and platforms using their position to shed more light on what’s going on in Ferguson?  I’d be willing to bet a whole bucket of ice water that a large number who can, aren’t. 

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Red Bull BC One North America Final LIVE STREAM

Red Bull BC One North America Final LIVE STREAM

Tonight at 9PM PST, it all goes down as the Red Bull BC One North America Final comes at y’all directly from Las Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl.  To catch the illest b-boys duke it out to see who’s North America’s best, hit the jump to catch the full live stream! Read more

DJ Mustard Celebrates 10 Summers Release with Hennessy V.S.

DJ Mustard Celebrates 10 Summers with Hennessy V.S.
It’s undeniable the fact that DJ Mustard has owned the airwaves in 2014, what with all the chart-topping joints he’s hit us off with.  The now ubiquitous “Mustard on that beat, ho!” adlib is the signature he leaves on every masterpiece chart topper he’s blessing us with and trust you’ve heard it more than a few times to usher in a number of jams this year.  Not one to rest on his paisley patterned laurels, Mustard just dropped a new project entitled 10 Summers earlier this week.  To celebrate its release, he hooked up with everyone’s favorite turn-up activator, Hennessy V.S., for a night of assured ratchetry and good times at the Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles the other night.  As you may have guessed, a who’s who of notables came through to support.  Read on to check out who made an appearance. Read more

Win the MADE IN AMERICA Contest

Win the MADE IN AMERICA Contest

A celebration of both the unifying power of music and pursuit of the American dream, Made in America is an all-access backstage pass to the one-of-a-kind festival created by Jay Z, and directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard. Featuring remarkable performances and backstage interviews with many of today’s biggest stars. If you are looking to cop the Made in America DVD, hit the jump, join our mailing list and enter to win the DVD so your wallet can stay full. Read more

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress: IMPRSSVE

An Educated Dress is The 5th Element’s visual slant on the seasonal offerings of various brands.  Our intention is to give our stylistic interpretation and assessment on styles we feel heads should take notice of.  For this edition, we let Los Angeles stand out, IMPRSSVE, show and prove their expertly crafted athletic wear with a touch of streetwear ingenuity.

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