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RECAP: PlayBack 3/26/15

RECAP: PlayBack 3/26/15

Last Thursday at Yojie Japanese Fondue in Downtown Los Angeles brought out the kind of vibe that takes you back to the good ‘ol days when Aaliyah, Brandy, Missy and Ashanti ruled the airwaves. With DJ’s ReachHard and ET spinning that good good, PlayBack was definitely in full effect. What transpired throughout the night was nothing but dope vibes, crucial waves of nostalgia flowing through the speakers and plenty of folks gettin’ down for a function that’s as sure to be repeated as the feel good playlist that fueled the evening. Click through to check out all of the great snaps we took at the event.

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The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

The Freshest Class 2015: Golden Denim

With a tried and tested formula that is 30 years in the making, Golden Denim was what came to fruition when Abraham Ruiz decided to carry on the old family business. The result from such a lengthy tenure in the denim industry was a brand that took advantage of the experience and wisdom learned by Abraham’s forebearers and custom tailored them to become a perfect example of clothing that embodies the California lifestyle. With truly unique details and quality craftsmanship being one of their hallmarks, Golden Denim has become a brand that can easily be your new go-to when it comes to pants that check off all of the above in your wants for the perfect pair. Hit the jump to check out our in-depth interview with Golden Denim.

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The Freshest Class 2015: Miss Wax Jewelry

THe Freshest Class 2015: Miss Wax Jewelry

When Kylee Fauss first experimented with melted vinyl to set the foundation for Miss Wax Jewelry, she sparked a journey in jewelry design that’s taken her to heights that have reached some of the biggest names in the industry. Her fresh, functional and fashionable jewelry pieces have gained quite a following for Miss Wax Jewelry, definitely causing us to take notice. Including the upstart jewelry brand in The Freshest Class 2015 was a no-brainer, what with the tremendous accomplishments it has reached through some truly outstanding product. When that’s paired with Kylee’s unique ingenuity and unstoppable grind, you get a brand that’s truly deserving of all our attention. Read on to check out our in-depth interview with her.

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The Freshest Class 2015: OUBLIER

The Freshest Class 2015: Oublier

You’d think that as saturated as the men’s fashion market can be, there would be at least one easily recognizable brand that caters to the big and tall gents with high quality and dope styles. Yet the surprising fact is that none really come to mind that show love to the gentlemen of larger stature who desire to get fresh in some fly elevated basics, but have no brands to immediately turn to. Enter OUBLIER (pronounced ooh-bli-ye), a brand that remembers the “forgotten” man and caters to them a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that is befitting of the big and tall man who likes to live outside the box when it comes to style, art and culture. We sat down with OUBLIER founder, Jamaal Carroll, as he lets us in on what the brand is all about.

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The 5th Element Magazine Presents: The Freshest Class 2015

The 5th Element Magazine Presents: The Freshest Class 2015

As far as being the dopest up and coming brand, class is definitely back in session – The Freshest Class of 2015 is here, presenting to you an alumni of the brands we thought deserved much shine for the early buzz they’ve generated for themselves through remarkable products, vision and presentation. This year’s class of ’15 consists of some strong representation by way of Oublier, Miss Wax Jewelry, Thing Thing, Golden Denim and EPTM. Throughout the week, we’ll be giving in depth highlights on each of these brands, giving you some great insight on how they’ve generated the early hype, met and sustained it and planned to keep it growing. Hit the jump for more shots of The Freshest Class 2015.

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The Friday Five

The Friday Five

This week marked a couple of solid drops from Action Bronson and Earl Sweatshirt by way of their latest albums. As expected, they presented a number of jewels in their respective projects, with some that were dope enough to make their way into this week’s Friday Five. Besides them, we’ve got other awesome aural offerings for you to vibe out to. Click through and listen.

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Jam On It: Bodega Bamz ft. Flatbush Zombies – Bring Em Out

Jam On It: Bodega Bamz ft. Flatbush Zombies - Bring Em Out

A couple of New York’s finest up and comers in Harlem’s Bodega Bamz and Brooklyn’s Flatbush Zombies have linked up to drop a new street banger in “Bring Em Out”. The gritty track is the lead single off of Bamz’ debut full-length album, Sidewalk Exec, dropping on April 14th. Hit the jump to give the track a listen. Read more

Peep This: Reebok and Kendrick Lamar’s #GetPumped Mobile Concert

Official footage of Reebok and Kendrick Lamar’s much hyped mobile concert through the streets of Hollywood recently dropped, with plenty of looks at all the ruckus that the event caused. After getting together a hundred industry influencers and tastemakers to take part in the run, hundreds of others joined in (including two of The 5th Element’s finest) after catching Kendrick’s tweet that evening instructing fans to meet him at two locations at specific times. Though the video above gives a great glimpse into the fervor of the event, the remarkable thing is that, as a personal participant in this, I can safely say that it doesn’t fully capture just how lit the whole spectacle was. Nevertheless, Reebok and Kendrick Lamar were extremely successful in achieving the #GetPumped effect that they aimed for with this spectacular mobile concert.

Editor’s Note: The Night I Chased Kendrick Lamar Through Hollywood

Editor's Note: The Night I Ran After Kendrick

Never in my wildest of imaginations did I even think of spending my 31st birthday running madly down the middle of Sunset Boulevard, joined by hundreds of other people of all shapes and creeds participating in the same bizarre scene – a seemingly frenzied horde chasing after a flatbed truck creeping slowly along, with a live band backing up Kendrick Lamar as he performed hit after hit. But here I was, braving the velocity of the Santa Ana winds, belly filled with Korean BBQ after having had dinner, chasing down King Kendrick through the famed stretch of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood – all in the name of hip-hop.

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Alex Randazzo of L.OR.D.S. LA Talks Streetwear and Brand Influence

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.09.36 PM

Let’s take a few hints from leading fashionistas and international trendsetters, because we all love to peruse the Instagram hashtags for any and all style inspiration. What most of these style icons have in common are their ability to use minimal colors and layer garments with ease, whether it’s an all black outfit or with a simple crew neck and jeans. It looks effortless because, well, it basically is. Thanks to creative and stylish heads in hip-hop like Pharrell, Kanye and A$ap Rocky, street style has taken the high fashion world by force. Wearing streetwear attire to a bougie Parisian restaurant wont cause too much ruckus. But street fashion still has a long way to go before it reaches the pinnacle of style. Luckily for us Angelenos, we can add L.OR.D.S into a growing list of fashion brands that are set to make waves across the international fashion scene.

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