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When fashion meets art, leave it to Miss Lawn and her HLZBLZ team to make some noise. Joining forces with East Coast visual artist, Naturel, they deliver a collection that speaks classic. Hit the jump to see just what we’re raving about.

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Style Profile: Jedd Marte

Style Profile:  Jedd Marte

When it comes to being young and embodying the definition of a go-getter, stylist Jedd Marte fits such to a T.  What’s even better, he’s a man who goes out and does it in a style that’s as on-trend as it is unique.  Offering a sense of style that fits right in with the current wave, yet also possesses a distinct and one-of-a-kind vibrance to it, Jedd was high on our list of who to feature in a Style Profile for quite some time now.  We finally got to link with the master networker of the network to talk about his definition of style and also what moves brought him to where he’s at today.  Click through for the full feature. Read more

Melin Introduces The Infinite Hat

Melin Introduces The Infinite Hat
The cats at Melin Brand hats know more than a few things about offering premium goods to the masses, so when they decided to drop The Infinite hat, we already knew that we’d be seeing the same continued excellence in materials used in their products.  In this iteration of their popular Horizon fit, they drew inspiration from the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, coming up with a finished product that is worthy of the luxury line-up Melin is indicative of presenting.  Top-notch details such as a crown composed of neoprene paneling, knitted nylon mesh with a performance poly underlay, an enamel brand insignia and a visor comprised of a silky suede, make for exquisite extras apart from the already standard moisture wicking performance fabric interior, hidden “Besom” stash pocket, custom molded eyelets, leather strap back closure and of course, the uber-premium carrying case.  Crown your dome with one of these premium caps today by heading to Melin’s online shop.  For more looks at The Infinite Hat, click through. Read more

Jam On It: Potatohead People ft. Illa J & Moka Only – Explosives

Canadian beatsmiths, Potatohead People (Vancouver’s AstroLogical and Montreal’s Nick Wisdom), just released some smoothed out headnodic melodic by way of, “Explosives”, a new track that includes the vocal stylings of Illa J and Moka Only.  The Slum Village-esque track leads you on delectable aural journey shy of four minutes that treats your ears to rhymes, melodies and harmonies that were simply too meant-to-be to be a fluke one-off.  Look for more of this same dope music once their upcoming album, Big Luxury, drops in the near future.

“Fresh Dressed”: Fashion of Hip-Hop on Display at 2015 Sundance Film Festival


Hip-hop is about style; always has been and always will be. Exemplified in Mass Appeal editorial director Sacha Jenkins’s documentary, “Fresh Dressed” unfolds the one element of hip-hop’s story that often remains overlooked and discounted, even by hip-hop’s own elders: fashion. The film, co-produced by Nas and in partnership with CNN, takes a look at hip-hop’s history through its fashion lens and how it reflected a culture and lifestyle born from music. Ultimately the documentary hones in on the common denominator found throughout all the elements of hip-hop — in that even through its fashion, it’s more about the method, not the madness itself. Hip-hop’s fashion is less about what you wear, but more so on how you wear it; and it’s that very same expressive and self-empowered energy found in the music and culture, that when demonstrated through fashion, makes it a fifth element. The film includes interviews with key players in fashion, like Kanye West (of course,) Andre Leon Tally, Riccardo Tischi, Dapper Dan and Thurston Howell III. Look for “Fresh Dressed” to be released next year at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and to air on CNN.

Photo by: Jamel Shabazz

Pusha T Links Up With Adidas For EQT Running Guidance 93 Collaboration

Pusha T Links Up With Adidas For EQT Running Guidance 93 Collaboration
“Yeuch!” was precisely what I said out loud upon first sight of the EQT Running 93 “King Push”.  Which isn’t to say that it was a cry of disapproval, because as the photo above clearly shows, these joints easily deserve Pusha T’s infamous ad-lib in approving fashion.  I mean, screwface aside, every flattering adjective that I can lay on this collabo between Adidas and VA’s infamous lyrical pusher man is quite obvious considering just how perfect the end result was.  Fishscale and cracked leather details?  YEUCH indeed. King Push recently sat down with GQ and talked at length about Adidas’ game-changing moves this year, the brilliant details of his shoe collaboration with them and just exactly why they’re all about him and the streets.  Click through for some more excruciatingly dope shots of the Adidas EQT Running 93 “King Push”, along with snippets and a link to his interview with GQ. Read more

Peep This: Thurz Performs “The Big Bang” On REVOLT Live With OverDoz

On the strength of the release of his new Designer EP, Thurz was invited on REVOLT Live for a quick chat and also to perform some of the fire cuts off the project.  Check the video above to see him show out on stage with fellow Los Angeles talents, OverDoz, as they perform “The Big Bang.”  If you haven’t had the chance yet, make sure to check out his Designer EP HERE.  Don’t sleep as Thurz is only beginning to capitalize on his usually top notch sounds.

Stay Woke – A Playlist For Change

Staye Woke - A Playlist For Change

As far gone as hip-hop might be perceived to be from consciousness and knowledge, the original voice of the urban streets is still profound and effective when addressing vital issues within society.  Though mainstream hip-hop music lacks a clear and distinct outlier in an emcee or group who champions a wise political or at the very least, informed, voice, there is still a vast number of music within the genre that relates to sociopolitical awareness and grasps at fundamental insights that every citizen should know.  In light of the developments surrounding the fatal shooting of Mike Brown, we at The 5th have compiled a playlist that encourages a strengthened sense of knowledge and social attentiveness that would serve as crucial during these turbulent times.  Hit the jump to take a listen. Read more

Peep This: Killer Mike Addresses The #Ferguson Verdict At St. Louis Show

Peep This:  Killer Mike Addresses The #Ferguson Verdict At St. Louis Show

First things first, Killer Mike is as informed and articulate as they come.  So whenever he uses the mic or his celebrity as a platform to address the issues that have plagued the Mike Brown murder, the consequential protests in the city of #Ferguson and suddenly a grand jury’s decision to not indict  officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Brown, it is usually in our best interest that we listen.  Last night at a Run The Jewels show in St. Louis, MO, video surfaced of Killer Mike emotionally speaking out about the injustice of Wilson being able to walk away from the shooting of Mike Brown without any culpability.  The disappointment, hurt, anguish and fervor with which he spoke as he fought back tears echoed sentiments of many who feel that “the machine,” as he referred to America’s societal and judicial system, is flawed and broken.  Hit the jump to watch the powerful video. Read more

RECAP: Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in LA – Day 15 w/ Chance the Rapper

There are few stars in hip-hop that can cross the line from being just a performer to an entertainer, and compared to most other music, that line is actually not very thin. Very few times have I attended a hip-hop show and walked away feeling satisfied, much less elated, than I did last Saturday after seeing Chicago’s Chance the Rapper, the highlight of Red Bull Sound Select’s Day 15 of their 30 Days in LA takeover. Following openers, producer Kamandi and Azizi Gibson, the 21-year-young prince of hip-hop was backed up by a live band — dubbed the Social Experiment — and stood alone as the sole commander of the high-octane, lights blaring ride that he took his fans on; and while he made it feel like he was doing it for himself, in actuality he’s doing it for you. Picking the best from his short, albiet well-known catalog, the rapper aimed less to get you hype (though that effect was still achieved) and more to reach a higher level of feel-good, everything-is-going-to-be-alright-if-you-believe-in-yourself type of vibe without the risk of being cliche, sappy or even corny. Chance’s performance took him across that line of performer to entertainer not just in the flair or charisma that seems to seep from the guy’s pores and movements, but even more so that as much as he elevated the crowd, he elevated himself, a by-product that can’t be faked or practiced or even imitated on a night-to-night basis. Concert-goers got something special from Chance that night (in addition to a guest appearance from Big Sean,) even if it might have been just a small dosage of what the guy is truly capable of. Good job Red Bull. Hit the jump to see more pictures from the show.

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