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Stay Woke – A Playlist For Change

Staye Woke - A Playlist For Change

As far gone as hip-hop might be perceived to be from consciousness and knowledge, the original voice of the urban streets is still profound and effective when addressing vital issues within society.  Though mainstream hip-hop music lacks a clear and distinct outlier in an emcee or group who champions a wise political or at the very least, informed, voice, there is still a vast number of music within the genre that relates to sociopolitical awareness and grasps at fundamental insights that every citizen should know.  In light of the developments surrounding the fatal shooting of Mike Brown, we at The 5th have compiled a playlist that encourages a strengthened sense of knowledge and social attentiveness that would serve as crucial during these turbulent times.  Hit the jump to take a listen. Read more

Peep This: Killer Mike Addresses The #Ferguson Verdict At St. Louis Show

Peep This:  Killer Mike Addresses The #Ferguson Verdict At St. Louis Show

First things first, Killer Mike is as informed and articulate as they come.  So whenever he uses the mic or his celebrity as a platform to address the issues that have plagued the Mike Brown murder, the consequential protests in the city of #Ferguson and suddenly a grand jury’s decision to not indict  officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Brown, it is usually in our best interest that we listen.  Last night at a Run The Jewels show in St. Louis, MO, video surfaced of Killer Mike emotionally speaking out about the injustice of Wilson being able to walk away from the shooting of Mike Brown without any culpability.  The disappointment, hurt, anguish and fervor with which he spoke as he fought back tears echoed sentiments of many who feel that “the machine,” as he referred to America’s societal and judicial system, is flawed and broken.  Hit the jump to watch the powerful video. Read more

RECAP: Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in LA – Day 15 w/ Chance the Rapper

There are few stars in hip-hop that can cross the line from being just a performer to an entertainer, and compared to most other music, that line is actually not very thin. Very few times have I attended a hip-hop show and walked away feeling satisfied, much less elated, than I did last Saturday after seeing Chicago’s Chance the Rapper, the highlight of Red Bull Sound Select’s Day 15 of their 30 Days in LA takeover. Following openers, producer Kamandi and Azizi Gibson, the 21-year-young prince of hip-hop was backed up by a live band — dubbed the Social Experiment — and stood alone as the sole commander of the high-octane, lights blaring ride that he took his fans on; and while he made it feel like he was doing it for himself, in actuality he’s doing it for you. Picking the best from his short, albiet well-known catalog, the rapper aimed less to get you hype (though that effect was still achieved) and more to reach a higher level of feel-good, everything-is-going-to-be-alright-if-you-believe-in-yourself type of vibe without the risk of being cliche, sappy or even corny. Chance’s performance took him across that line of performer to entertainer not just in the flair or charisma that seems to seep from the guy’s pores and movements, but even more so that as much as he elevated the crowd, he elevated himself, a by-product that can’t be faked or practiced or even imitated on a night-to-night basis. Concert-goers got something special from Chance that night (in addition to a guest appearance from Big Sean,) even if it might have been just a small dosage of what the guy is truly capable of. Good job Red Bull. Hit the jump to see more pictures from the show.

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FILA x Mayor x FLüD Denim Capsule

FILA x Mayor x FLüD Denim Capsule

Denim-denim-denim…denim-denim-denim…If  you know just what video game I am referencing with that there and you hummed along in your head perfectly, then you, my friendly reader, deserve the whole capsule collection that I’m about to talk about.  See the Denim Capsule collection is the result of a collabo between the triumvirate of Fila, FlüD Watches and Mayor, which includes a pair of the Original Tennis, a bucket hat and a premium backpack, perhaps to carry all that fly gear in.  What we’ve got here is premium denim featured throughout.  All denim, all over.  Think of it as extra accouterments to possibly the most comprehensive Canadian tuxedo ever.  Hit the jump for all the details on where and when you can cop the Denim Capsule collection. Read more

Catch the Red Bull BC One France World Finals on November 29th

Red Bull BC One France World Finals on November 29th

The finals of the Red Bull BC One World Final is going down in Paris on November 29th, where 16 of the world’s best b-boys will go head to head – or rather toe to toe – to become the Red Bull BC One World Champion. Read more

Rastaclat’s “Of Myth” Capsule

This holiday season, Rastaclat’s newest capsule, “Of Myth,” will hit stores across the world. The inspiration comes half from the heroes and heroines of mythology, and the other half from the villains and the underworld and the dark forces founded within.

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Stance Socks and Thurz Link Up on a Collabo

Stance Socks and Thurz Link Up on a Collabo

Inglewood emcee and Red Bull Sound Select Artist, Thurz, just linked up with uber-sock company Stance Socks, to produce a limited edition pair of “City of Champions” socks.  The 200 pair run of socks feature Thurz’ play on the iconic Randy’s Donuts signage in Inglewood.  This collabo is aptly titled, since Inglewood, California is home to The Forum, formerly the home of the ring collecting, banner hanging Los Angeles Lakers.  Hit the jump for details on how to cop these fly socks and also more detailed looks of them. Read more

The adidas ZXFlux Experience Comes to Los Angeles

West Coast! Don’t let jealousy run your weekend, the good folks at adidas are bringing the ZXFLux Experience to LA this Saturday. Sure, NYC got the first taste, but we know LA got pride in our shoe game. Brave the streets of #DTLA, find a good parking spot and get there early. Here’s some incentives: you’ll be treated to food from Mexi Calbi truck and drinks from Philz Coffee, Reed’s Ginger Brew and AQUAHydrate. But we know you’re really there for the three limited edition kicks to be unveiled at the site. The “LA Lakers”, “LA Clippers” and “LA City” editions of the ZXFlux will be available to purchase at the space for $100 each. We can already guess what they will look like, but feel free to let your imagination run wild. Oh and have you checked out the #miZXFLUX app yet? If you aren’t up on it yet, this amazing app lets you apply any personal image of your choice onto the adidas ZX Flux, allowing for endless possibilities to make them unique.  It’s available now for all iOS and Android devices.

Step Into the Arena and Become One of the Best Yet With New Gangstarr Gear


A legendary duo in hip-hop history who brought you classics that ranged from Positivity to Code of the Streets, Gangstarr lives on forever in the culture’s realm.  It’s only fitting that accompanying Gangstarr gear should be available to all those that rocked with Guru and DJ Premier over the years and we’ve got some great looks at what’s available.  Click through for more details.

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Peep This: Craig Gillespie – Trust Issues

19-year-old Pasadena native Craig Gillespie drops his follow-up project, “Gillespie,” an ‘audio movie’ where the Southern Cali native opens up and spells out his life interactions and occurrences through raw bars and rough production. The follow up to his successful “Craigslist” mixtape features guest appearances from the likes of Joon from Overdoz., HollyValens, Noah V. and Quin assisting on beats courtesy of Dae One, Mic West, The Scholars and more. This project takes Gillespie’s listeners on a plunge into the rapper’s uncut perspectives on love and loyalty, set to showcase a life very much lived throughout trials and tribulations and rising above it. Check out the mixtape here and hit the jump to check out the video for the track “Trust Issues” off of the mixtape.
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